If the ax is dull, And one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success. (Ecclesiastes 10:10)

To sharpen an ax or metal based tool, simply stated, you need a whetstone(grinding stone), the tool, and some water. When my mentor introduced this subject of transformation to me, he said that all the elements in this analogy are in my control.

As one missionary said – the tongue is the tool of faith, transform that and you transform yourself, transform yourself and you transform a community.

I remember when I gave my life to Christ. And as a 18 year old, I began to read the Bible with new eyes but hardly any revelation. One day I was sitting down by the full-service pumps at my father’s gas station in the Virgin Islands reading those small blue testaments (are they even still around?). I saw this guy from the neighborhood walk down to the self-serve pumps waiting to “catch a ride” (which is absolutely legal in the islands…I love it!).

I heard within that I should share the gospel with him…I refused but instead prayed the prayer all noobies pray – a God if it’s your will prayer. “God if it is your will…let him walk up here and sit right next to me”, hoping that God doesn’t answer the prayer and I’ll be off the hook for the call. But something amazing happened, while I was yet saying this prayer, this guy, who I never met before walked towards me and sat right next to me. I had no other choice. I ran.

No, I began just talking about life and about why I was reading the testament. But he explained he wasn’t ready for that life yet. I did my best. But I couldn’t help but think that I could have done better. If my tool was sharp.

The ax represents your tongue, the grinding stone represents your meditation and the water represents the words you decide to listen to. This entire process of sharpening your tool is a process of transformation. But how do we allow ourselves to be transformed? Here are three ways spoken to me that still hold true.

  1. willing to hear
    There are many coaches that can speak wisdom into your lives, choose well who and what you listen to, especially in our media sensitized world we live in. Be willing to listen to wise words. It makes your sharpening process easier.
  2. meditation
    When you hear those words of wisdom, write them down and speak them out. You do this because you would want to repeat them to yourself and break down the message heard. I recommend doing that especially while listening to instrumentals of your favorite ‘music-type’!
  3. humility(Proverbs 15:33)
    When you want to grow, you will have to be humble because some of what you believe may be challenged by the wisdom that you may hear from the coaches. You have to be humble enough to let go of what you believe is the right way.

faith comes by hearing. What are some ways that you have found that sharpens your tool?        Whose tool did you help or are going to help sharpen with your water?    click link below to leave response to questions



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