I had a talk with my mentor yesterday and early this morning I spoke with a sports coach that I know. Why do I mention this? Because these two separate conversations revealed something to me about pushing through! I always believed that you can tell if a person’s mentally tough by how they work through pain. How they work through their work-out plans with fervency even through physical setbacks!

That’s still true, but what’s not true about it is, you can not tell IF a person’s mentally tough through those actions…you can only accurately notice WHEN that athlete is showing mental toughness. This may seem like semantics to some, but I am sure this is not a simple thought for coaches.

To be mentally tough begins with sight. If you do not know first, with clarity what you want to become, you could never be mentally tough. You may “act” like a mentally tough person for a while but when the gruesomeness of real change hits you, you will fold!

Only when what you want to become is greater than what you want, do you begin on the path of being mentally tough.

Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, and the list can go on. They have all realized that what they want to become is greater than what they wanted. They all want to stand last and they all want to be great, a legend at their sport more than the trophy.

My mentor spoke something into my life yesterday that I want to share with you. He said:

“You’ve heard the saying that, ‘Success is a journey not a destination’? I want you to hear me if you can: Excellence is the journey, successes are the benchmarks!”

When the athlete truly understands that saying and sees what they want for themselves, they will begin to have the heart to be mentally tough! Until then, all athletes “talk a good game“.

What conversations are you having with yourself this off-season?     Are you truly getting ready for next season?    What do you want to become?
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