It is very personal, and motivated by sharing. It is personal in that only God and you know your motives. Unless you desire to reveal them to others. And it is driven by the need to share because others well-being are more important than your own.

It is a hard task to explain. It will take, for me at least, too much academician insight than what is allowable for a human. So I use me as an example.

Faith is you seeing what I believe, in me. Not only my words.

Here’s what I believe. I believe that there are three cultural artifacts that actively shape young people’s mind-set, and worldview. Music. Media. Sports. I love music but two days ago I realized I wasn’t going to make it on American Idol. I stand in amazement at the wonders of technology but that is not my thing.

Now, sports I love. Really only because of its competitive nature and team environment. I’ve been blessed with the heart to want to help(in any way I can) shape the mind of tomorrow’s culture. And because of what I believe, I will be using the vehicle of the sports industry to do so. I Know My Purpose!

Purpose isn’t a mysterious word…it’s just living out what you believe…living out your faith!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

However, your faith has to stand on something that makes you believe that what you’re hoping for is possible. And you have to have that evidence of belief within you. It’s a heart thing, a deep desire. A character changing desire. I spoke about what I stand on in Mile 2: Faith.

What am I saying?!??! I am showing you that me, 1) learning Sport Psychology, 2) working with student/athletes and coaches, 3) starting this blog (and recently trying a podcast), 4) refusing other viewpoints that actively try to change my purpose, 5) going through tough times but still holding on….Is my walk on faith!

I show my FAITH by my action. I am now sharing my faith…what you are reading this moment, is that. (how about that?!) How does action look? It progresses, it’s forward looking!

How do you see faith interacting with action?   What are you having faith for today?
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