You already watch what you say to yourself, you’re speaking blessed words over yourself. You know what you want from yourself for the sport that you play. You know the foundation of your life…what you believe and why. You know that you are talented. Hear this:

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” -unknown

You can have all the talent you think you need but if you haven’t set up goals that you work hard in, you are working aimlessly…fighting the wind. Woman’s Basketball Coach David Julien of Nyack College says, “If you don’t plan, anything can happen; when you plan, you make things happen.” It’s like a horse on a horsetrack. Without the track, a horse is just running, but with the track, there is a reason to run and a place to focus intense effort. Check out this vid!

Ray Lewis cannot give the effort that he is talking about without knowing what he wanted to put the effort into. In quicker terms – he had goals! I know that this off-season that you all have goals, but how much effort are you putting into them? Are they just something you do to be able to tell coach that you did them?

To get out of just being good to being able to embrace great, you have to increase your effort. Do you want to know how to find out if you are giving your all? Try to increase your effort in your goals! You only know that you are bound when you try to leave. You only know that you’re stuck when you try to move!

Separate yourself from the other athletes in your conference! Become great! Get the will to fight! I want you to check out the first 4 minutes of this next video.

If you don’t know how to set great goals click for a simple example.Goal Setting 

You have the power to change teammates lives by changing your own! Be GREAT!


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