What I find funny about this topic, is that this secret is probably the only one in the history of secrets that nobody really wants to hear! Before I reveal the secret (which for those who follow my blog, know it is placed at the end….don’t peek) let me first list three things that shape the leader’s mind who understand this secret.

1) The way
As a growing leader you have to know the way to be. No matter the sport, as a potential leader or right now leader, you already know the right way because you’ve walked it. The right behavior. The right workout. The right attitude. The right effort. The right goals. Must I continue? Just because you’re a college senior doesn’t make you a leader and just because you were a leader in high school doesn’t mean you are a leader on the collegiate level. The leader knows THE WAY.

2) The truth
Within “the way” that you have to be, there are principles that are consistently true…forever. You find these principles hidden in books and also in some quotes of elite athletes and/or business leaders. To dig up these truths, it takes someone to seek them out. You don’t make up what’s true, you find out…it is revealed! Like this one: Preparation is the beginning of concentrating your power. If you seek the leadership position, you have to know truths.

3) The Life
Every athlete within themselves has a dream, a goal, a desire. As the leader/captain you assist in bringing those things to life. You bring them through the birthing process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of this alone. The coaching staff will help you and give you the tools you need. You not only bring what your teammates have inside to life but you also point them towards a better life through great decision making advice. You must try to give insight and foresight that leads to LIFE…their personal growth.

With those three, it’s easy to see why the secret is true and why some people do not want to hear it. What’s the secret??? *be patient.* Not only with the people you will lead but also with yourself as the leader. It takes a while to learn the way, some truths and how to bring people to life. Most importantly, to the rest of the team, be patient when seeking to get into the position to begin with.


If you jumped down to the secret first, you somewhat proved a good point. What thing do you want now that you rather not wait for or persevere through?
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  1. This is a solid blog. We’ve all heard a lot of complex formulas for leadership. In my short time on earth, I’ve learned that most of the status quo theories are bologna. Leadership is modeled in Jesus Christ. If you want an excellent case study, read the Gospels in the Bible. Jesus is Excellence personified.
    He embodies empathy, humility, purpose, consistency, integrity, appropriateness, courage, wisdom, understanding. The most impressive trait to me is Christ’s unselfish attitude. He played His role. He did the dirty work so that we could live and move and have our being. He was not offended by the task of His purpose. He was Patient and therefore became the key ingredient/character/player in the greatest story ever told.
    You make an essential point. There is one way, one truth, one life.

    • True. Thanks for your insight into the blog Coach. Isn’t your list of characteristics exactly what all coaches would like to see in their star athlete-leader? We are still working on our leadership as well…but we all walk together. Thanks for sharing

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