You can fall into imperfect actions and still stand tall in faith. That’s what faith is there for. Faith doesn’t point you toward behaviors that impact you negatively but it also doesn’t berate you for missing the point. The goal of faith is to help you reach the destination. So it is in the best interest of faith to help you back up, and push you forward.

But how do you motivate yourself to get back on track or better yet, help others if you noticed that they have slipped? The best example I know about of how to get people back up is in the narrative of scripture. Simply: We fell. God’s word came to pick us back up with a truth that encourages and comforts as well as inspires. And…he walks with us through it all!

“for it is God who works in you both to will and to do his good pleasure.” – Phillipians 2:13

God’s word doesn’t bring condemnation to them that believe the Word that is being spoken nor to the person who does not believe the Word that is being spoken….the word condemns only one thing.

So how do you motivate yourself when you fall short of what you wanted to do? Do you choke yourself with berating words(being masked as motivation)? Or, do you get back up, brush the dirt of your shoulders and keep it moving forward! What do you say?

A recent athletic example(try yesterday) of gettting back up is seen in what Roger Federer accomplished in winning his 7th Wimbledon Title. He said, “….I think the belief got me the victory today.” A great article was written with some great quotes from Federer. To check it out, click here.

So, how do you think his words to himself were like on his journey? Was it like the picture above or like this one:

I want my words to be in the stands YELLING, off-the-wall like NHL fans, c-h-a-n-t-i-n-g like NBA fans, making cRaZy !noise! like football fans! I want my words to be on my side. Most importantly, I want God’s Word to be on my side. What about you?!

ALWAYS GET BACK UP!     (we are compassed by a great cloud of witnesses)
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