When I was living in California, I joined a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. For those of you who haven’t done anything like that, then you probably have been approached by people like me selling products or an “opportunity”. Like Avon, TriVita, or ACN (cosmetics, juices, telecommunications). No I didn’t list the one I was in. The excitement that you feel when you join a company that you know will help you progress in life is almost tangible.

What I learned there was a principle that a mentor of mine revealed to me in greater detail later. There were some people that joined the MLM and turn up there noses at the process that has been set down for them to follow. As if they had built a company like the one they joined before. And eventually….they left. They knew best how to do things I guess.

The principle: The smartest person in the room is learning from someone else.

As a student/athlete leader or leader hopeful, I know there are times that you feel like you know better than what the coach is saying. But ask yourself this, have you ever been through an entire college career with a coach before? Have you ever built a college team before? If the answer is no, and I know it is, then learn!

Here’s the tip though, for the leader. Know what you’re good at! And, know what you don’t know and be ready to point to the places that have the answer. The people that have been in the leadership place that you’re in now, the great ones, have probably written books that you can glean from. Warren Buffet once said, ‘find someone you look up to, know why you do, find their habits, and repeat them.’

You can’t afford to think that you know everything on leadership! Begin learning from someone else starting now. And you can begin with some of the books I have as pics in today’s blog. Especially the women athletes, check out the Nancy Leiberman book below.

In this entire blogsite, I’m sharing with you “the opportunity” that will last a lifetime! How do I know? Because these are the same principles that have been around for thousands of years! Does it end with you? If you “don’t like personal reading”, take a chance… you might. Or you probably could get an audio version. At the very least, if you ARE the leader, you gotta try! Because you can’t afford to think you know everything!

I end with something my mentor told me,

All purpose dwells in the house of courage. Open the door and let purpose out!


What things have you learned from others that you would like to share?
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