About a little over ten years ago, while I was in college in NY, my father was in a life altering(that’s the best way I can put it) incident. Do you remember my very first blog when I mentioned that my father owned a gas station? Well, one night while closing, he was shot and the bullet entered his leg and hit a main vein. He was taken to the hospital and for the next couple of months remained there. Friends and family were praying. I even heard people saying that my father would walk again.

But gangrene caused my father to lose his leg right below the knee. My faith in God was shaken.

I couldn’t believe that God was a healer any longer!

Through the years since, I realized this jaw dropping revelation about how I viewed faith after that terrible moment. I believed that faith is faith to me only when the outcome is positively in my favor. I didn’t have faith in God, I had faith for my emotions to be vindicated. “This shouldn’t happen to ME!”

And when it happened(my father losing his leg, and the entire situation) “my faith” was shaken. If faith is attached to your feelings, then as your feelings go, so goes your faith.

In athletics, if you have faith that you can be great and you judge that based on the outcome, then when an outcome is unfavorable…(well, you can finish the phrase). This is why coaches use the term excellence when they talk about goals. They’ve realized that when goals are perceived as an outcome, there tends to be a drop off of intensity when the outcome is reached or not realized.

That’s exactly what would happen to a Christian whose belief is in an outcome that satisifies themselves. When we get what “we deserve” we fall back into whatever we do. When we don’t get what “we deserve”, we forget faith all together.

A person whose faith is securely built right, do you know when their faith is shaken? When that person is dead…only death stops his faith in what they are holding unto. And even then that doesn’t count for a Christian. Our faith extends pass death.

Now…I still believe that God is a healer….regardless!


How has God revealed faith to you? What keys can you share about your journey so far?
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  1. Thanks for sharing your faith Ira. David sent me your link and I was able to quickly read it this morning. I will attempt to spend more time on it later and share any insights that the Holy Spirit reveals.

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