You just graduated from a gruesome academic life and found that you are great at business management. You have a keen eye for business trends and you create new economic avenues, giving opportunity for the trend. You were born to be a business leader. You came out of your mother’s womb singing and your family were the first witnesses of the spark in your eyes when you perform. You were born to sing.

You just had the game of your life displaying all of your God-given athleticism. Your parents and friends saw your uncanny coordination and strength from a young age. You were born to do athletics.

Is this true?

I apologize before hand for going into ‘light-weight rationale-philosophication’ (my word).

If you were “born to do” something shouldn’t it be able to last as long as your “life-span”?

We’ve all heard of the stories of wealthy business-men who, when they have gathered all their “trophies” say to themselves, “Is this it? Is this all life has to offer?”

We’ve all seen the singers who, when they should obviously put their singing careers to rest, they tour gripping on to the microphone as if holding their identity like a still-born baby.

Even athletes believe that they are born to do athletics but the average sport career time-line isn’t even half of a life lived. I mentioned a blog from Janis B. Meredith before but I believe she nailed the right perspective of sports for an athlete.

We have all been sold a bag of pixie dust and was told this narrative – that it lasts forever. We’re told that our skills only, are who we are born to be and do. I believe that this is why finding what you’re born to do is sooo elusive.

We gotta look deeper. Right?!?

By all means be good…be excellent at your craft/the talents that come natural to you. But understand the true journey of your life is deeper.

It is a soul’s journey. Not a material one where you try to get fame and wealth. Those may come with the journey but it shouldn’t be where you place your identity. Why? Because ‘those change with time’.

So what journey doesn’t change with time?

There’s only one that I know of…PURPOSED LOVE. (Megan Sayer’s captures the thought accurately in her blog.) If you have time…please check it out!

And this is the second reason why it’s sooo elusive and why it’s a journey of excellence. Because sometimes. In the beautiful world we live. We seldom experience it unless it’s purposed.

[John 3:16]

 Love can be shown in many ways in all careers, how will you purpose it today in yours?          Click comment link below to leave insights


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    • No problem! I think you captured the thought of “describing and defining” real well in your blog post. I would be dumb or prideful…or both to try and reword something that is, at least to me, well thought out already.

      Thanks for writing it!

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