When I sometimes listen to christian speakers or rather the ones broadcasting (is that the term) on television, I can’t help but lump their image of God together with the ideas of the new age belief structures. God as an inanimate object. ‘New-agers’ though, have flowered the image with all paths leading to…’it?’.  And they tirelessly pursue this object that can’t move. huh?

As if God is likened to a library in the center of town. All and any paths, even the ones not cleared(if desperate enough) can lead to the library.

The connection that I see between our televangelists and new age is shown at the meeting of God a.k.a. the library. For some televangelists, God is as inanimate as the bricks the library is made with. He is cold and uncaring, certainly not a person, but a stone. And written upon, is the opening hours and closing hours, an extension of some rules that have already been established. Tiring us out even more.

No talking inside please. While we choose a book to read from. Be quiet!”

We all believe(I’m still hoping) that we have a deeper space to our being and we are more than just matter/physical presence. Would you dare submit to the idea that all ways lead to a relationship with you? If I met you in a park and came near to you, does my reaching you physically prove we’re in a relationship??? “It’s fate!” There are names for people who think in this way… and cold jail cells!

Follow me a little. Do all ways lead to the real you? Can I do whatever I like to you irrespective of your values and convictions yet start or remain in a relationship with you?

There’s only ONE WAY I know the answer could be yes!

And that’s if you forgive me.

Here’s my attempted point. If we are children of God and we have mistreated, even once, another person how should God respond towards us for the hurt of a child? What about when we mistreat ourselves?

God is a person and the only way we can remain in relationship after hurting someone or yourself is if God forgives us. That’s the ONLY WAY. Here’s my question and the one that has created many thoughts, ideas and ‘scuffles’ amongst all believers. How does the God of creation go about forgiving? How does God forgive? What would God want if anything? A card?

And I’m sure that’s a question we personally have about ourselves as well, when we want to carry on good relationships. How do I let things go? What epiphanies do I need to have? How do I forgive?

Question: Are we forgiven?  click comment link below to leave your thoughts


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  1. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”
    Used to it sounding so easy. We are certainly called to forgive but it is quite difficult when we are focused on self. God forgave us by getting outside of self and focusing His Love on the very “beings” that caused His pain (literally, if you count the cross). It was death for us or “His death” for us. All the hero qualities are rolled up into that unselfish act of Forgiveness and Love.
    I don’t totally get it but fortunately for us all, It’s about receiving. Picture that! Not only did He internally forgive us in His heart but He offered His heart to death for us.
    “when I think of the goodness of Jesus, and all He has done for me, my very soul cries out Hallelujah; praise God for saving (forgiving) me”

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