Recently I spoke with some friends of mine about my work as a sport psychology consultant. I know that there are many different consultants doing the same thing and possibly better than what I can produce. Honestly, I wish all the consultants could be so effective that we didn’t have to do this anymore and we can focus our minds on helping our nation become more innovative.

But more and more I bump into athletes who can’t seem to get up from the place where their mind’s thoughts are holding them.

Athletes, it’s not that you lack the strength to get up, but from what I’ve experienced so far it’s seems like a pop culture thing – we like to be entertained. And until something really is painful we won’t try to change.

I am also aware that I can’t connect with all athletes that I speak with. My mentor recently told me, “All inspiration is in the story not the principle.” What that means for me is that I can give you all the principles here but they won’t necessarily push you to action.

In today’s world there is no excuse why athletes aren’t reaching what they want most. Years ago we could use the excuse saying I grew up in a neighborhood where I didn’t see “successful” people. Now, you don’t have to leave your home and you can see successful athletes all over the TV and internet. And the principles are laying right in their stories.

And people like me mine them and pull them out and give them to you. And if you need a different mode of delivery check these options out:

A Black urban delivery (same principles):  Eric Thomas

A well-known wise white gentleman delivery (same principles): Stephen Covey

A smart Australian lady with beautiful accent delivery (same principles): Margie Warrell

There’s even a narrative approach with drawings delivery (same principles): Dan Pink & RSA

I hope you get my point. I don’t really care about me getting work but I care about you working great. Wherever you get the help from. The principles are all over the web, if you want to be great and I am not your cup of tea…find who is!

And ACT! Do something moving towards what you most want!

Who motivates you to act? Do you know other speakers? Please share.
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