“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest [cat] or it will be killed. Every morning a [cat] wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a [cat] or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

My mentor and I were driving around Central Jersey where I live(I love nature’s vistas so the farm land created a peaceful time for me) . We were talking about what I was trying to do with my “sport psychology consultant life”, when he said a couple of things to me that jarred me out of my mental space, which of course I’m willing to blab about in my post(not fully though).

He said, “All success is, is a string of successes. I’m not teaching you how to be successful, I’m teaching you how to use it.”

Be patient. Patience simply means to be rested & still enough to be observant but also ready for anything and prepared.”

A full grown cat in Africa doesn’t wake up running it wakes up planning and observant. Its muscles are primed, its waiting for the right time to use them. But in order to catch its food it has to be successful in many areas before hand. I’ll list at least three successes that are on the string:

1) Observant
You have to be able to read your environment correctly. For team leaders and coaches, you have to correctly understand the movement in your conferences. How athletic and talented is your competition? You have to see how they move. Being observant helps with the ease of adjusting. It would be good also to observe how your team is operating too. At the end of the effort, who do the ‘goods’ go to?

2) Knowledgeable
You have to have already taken a try at going for what you want. Trying is what primes your muscles for the effort. This gives you a grasp of the terrain that your team will have to go through. For cats in Africa they know they must stay below the grass and against the wind so their prey can’t see or smell them approaching. For you as an team leader this says you know when and where to strike. You should know where the mental hiccups are. Either within the game or within your team structure.

Regardless if you missed your goal/meal before, you are willing to go again… and again… and again. As a leader of your team you have to have the intensity of always wanting to push forward towards what you want. The circumstances should never deter your willingness to try! Even if the goal is “too BIG”!

You must be successful in all three in order to be SUCCESSFUL as a leader!

This is all about preparation for your ultimate “success” – championship. Don’t be a hyena who never prepares and laughs away the day! I leave you with another saying from my mentor.

The person who doesn’t prepare(have those string of successes) will see their desire turn against their confidence and strip it bare.”

What are you doing for preparation right now? As a leader which of the three listed do you need to be better at? Leave comment below


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  1. Downright stellar. Today’s reading experience moved me. In fact, I had already purposed to be more intentional but this entry confirms a lot for me. Understanding the game and being coachable (as a coach); Preparing like my Lord and Savior approached preparation (10:1 ratio)(10,000 hours); Being REAL with execution and follow through.

    The string of successes,for me, began a good time ago. “You can talk about your destiny; I am walking and living in my purpose on purpose”

    I found a few travellers going my way with knowledge of the path, determination to destroy the obstacles, and intent to arrive at one place – EXCELLENCE. Nothing about the journey gives us reason to give up. Yesterday’s fear and failures fuel us; Today’s itinerary feeds and moves us; Tomorrow’s Vision, Hopes, Goals, and Dreams expectantly anticipate our arrival and mastery. WE are World Class (not because WE say so but because WE are)

    I’m amped

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