In the Bible there is a story about the 12 spies that the children of Israel sent into the land of Canaan after coming out of Egypt. And when they returned, 10 of the spies said that taking the land by conquest was impossible. I must mention, in order to make my point, that God had promised them that they will have the land through their ancestor Abraham.

If you know the story, they began conquering the land 40 years after they first spied it out.

I found something out about faith in God through this story. I realized that the first possession that you need to have under control is your mind before you can really act toward anything manifested externally. And in true reflection, it’s not possession of your mind per se but of the word that God has spoken over your life.

The faith that should’ve been seen in the story’s situation was in believing the word God said concerning them and the land. Faith is never in your(nor others) understanding of yourself in comparison with the circumstances you’re facing. It is always in what God has said.

We should keep that in mind when we walk through our daily lives.

But on a foundational level, what has God said?

Outside of revealing that people should believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, the scriptures call us to love.(1 John 3:23) We should be able to love without fear.

The 10 spies should have cared more for their own brothers and sisters to be able to take the land than their own safety and comfort. And they should have leaned more on the word from God.

With the story as a backdrop (I’m speaking to believers here), how would we be able to receive our “promise land”, if we don’t have faith in what God has said? We have to take control of our mind and trust what God has said. We have to release ourselves to rest in the reality that God is infinitely STRONGER than what we can capture within our thoughts.

What do you believe in? And how do you express love? If someone expressed their love to you in the same way you do to them, would you want to accept it? Or is it a bit too harsh?


When you ‘spy’ a dream because of something God said to you, do you come back to the present and say it is impossible to conquer because it leans mostly on faith?
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  1. It takes work and disciline to achieve success. The journey may be long, but how one handles the process tells whether he or she will be a winner. So, let the work begin in earnest.

  2. Mile 8: Faith and Love: After a 40 year trek through the wilderness, the children of Israel found at the end (only those that survived) what they should have received 40 years ealier. Let us keep “faith and love” active in our daily lives because they are companions to have in this dark and lonely world.

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