Do you know what you really want? How important is it to you? I usually ask those two questions with athletes and coaches alike. But what I am realizing through the responses that I am getting is that the question may not be getting to the heart of what I am trying to reveal to them. So now I have a new question…it’s this one:

What do you want to be great at?

You can be standing right in front of the thing that you can be the best at but you never take the chance to develop it because you never identified where you want to be great.

I was asked that question yesterday and was stumped for a while(some silence for this moment of transparency). I knew what I wanted(goal) and I knew how important it was to me(desire) but I initially couldn’t point out what I wanted to be great at.

My field of study(sport psychology) as is your field of study(sports) are vast and we can’t possibly do everything. But if you choose one thing that you know you’re going to master, then you are becoming the best teammate ever.

And just because you choose one doesn’t mean you can’t work on other things. It just means that for a period of time you are going to work specifically on mastering this one.

This post is just to introduce this question to the athletes and coaches I work with. What DO you want to be great at? The answer to this question will take you from mentally watching your goal, to mentally entering into them with precision.

Greatness has to be specific, or we’ll never grow fast enough to be effective for your team. The cost for greatness is the loss of other options. This is why people call greatness lonely. You must be willing to give up trying to do all other things that will take you away from what you want to be great at.

This kind of thinking is what all Olympic athletes have to struggle through. It was seen in particular recently when Gabrielle Douglas, the gymnast who won the gold medals for both the individual and team all-around competitions, decided to leave her family in Virginia and train in Iowa.(click the link and watch the 6min vid that reveals what her cost was)

Her cost was great but she also became the greatest at her sport on the highest level of competition in the world. Why does pursuing greatness seem lonely? Because it is. This is why family/support structure is vital!

What do you want to be great at?!
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