Where do you live? Just reading that question after reading the title of today’s blog may have you rolling your eyes saying ‘not a meta-physical idea again’.

In the couple of sentences I will write in this blog I hope it will make you feel differently…continue reading.

Where you live has nothing to do with what your physical address is, it has everything to do with your thoughts – what ideas you hold on to. (At least in the way that I am asking it)

So it is possible to live peacefully in a world of chaos(Ghandi), or loving in a circumstance of hatred(MLK Jr). These are internal spaces that you build by the thoughts or ideas that you hold as true. You hear these “homes” being spoken of in reflection as maxims or sayings. A superficially famous one that I hear often now is YOLO (You only live once).

Meaning that you….you know what it means. I say, “You only have one life, don’t waste it”. But in all seriousness, where are YOU living? What are the truths that you hold and build as true in your life?

When you meet people for the first time, what are your thoughts?(front door principles) When you see people from a distance, do you think of how they can help you or how you can help them?(window principles) Do you allow people into your bedroom before inviting them (for a while) into your living room first?(relationship-building principles)

You get the gist.

Where are you getting your blueprint/principles from? Pop Music? Rap? Books? Church? Friends? Philosophers? Personal life experiences?

Who helps build the place where you live?

In 1 Corinthians 3:10, Paul, describes himself as a wise master builder and continues on to say that he laid down the foundation. When it comes to your mind/inner space, Paul proclaims that there can be no other foundation to your “internal space” than  Jesus Christ and whatever principles you construct your “house” with is your responsibility but they will be tested.

It should be clearly evident to you, who read my blog, that what you see here in my blog site is the house that my faith has built. If you take a look at my welcome to our journey page, what you will notice is that what I building on top of my foundation is excellence.

I know everyone has their own journey to take. What is your foundation? What are you building on yours?

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  1. Certainly, Christ us my foundation. My challenge is to remember that the house I live in belongs to the Father. I continually need the Spirit to guard against the self. I’m thankful for prayer and the Word of God. My building materials are available to me free of charge and without end. I don’t have to base this house on my philosophy or anyone else’s for that matter. His Grace is sufficient.

    Great blog bruh.

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