What is excellence(arete) in sports? Sometimes, when heard, it can seem unreachable like the clouds in the sky. You can’t grasp it, control it, nor push it. The Ancient Greeks defined their existence by it, in fact they believed they needed others in order to see it.

Aristotle said that any thing which renders the body, soul or mind useless for practicing arete should be defined as vulgar.

There are different levels of excellence and they are based on where you are personally right now. If you try to base it off winning only and not personal improvements you will never be a consistent “skill-progression” athlete. Which means you can’t effectively build your performance and definitely can’t repeat it consistently.

You have to know where you are athletically and begin to record your growth. You have to know that you know your particular skill level. Focusing on outcomes moves your attention from skill to emotions. It moves you to think about something that doesn’t exist yet from something that you can control now!

In a game you may not win but you will know exactly where you are and the particular skill-set you need to work hard in practice. Awareness of your weaknesses or poor habits is the beginning of gaining personal knowledge of yourself as a competitor. Don’t fall prey of the over-confidence of your ego.

Humility has always been the way to build a working confidence. Humility raises your awareness of your limitations, ego covers it up. Make peace with your limitations and then work on them.

Excellence looks more like this! It is mentally taxing to be able to consistently do it. It is deeper than what happens on the outside. If your mind boots could be seen they would look like this. Excellence is HARD WORK!

Here are the three things you need to get into the starting gates of excellence:
1) Humility to be able to see your limitations
2) Set and monitor your goals
3) Master your time

You do those three and you are on your way to knowing your excellence!

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