We are used to “getting” in the sports culture. You get a position, workout gear, footwear, bags, playing time, and even free access to trainers. Rarely in the culture do we find a personal mindset of giving(in sports and in America’s pop culture as well).

But what does the sports culture want their athletes to give? (let me continue this later)

In the Bible, there is a narrative that goes(very simply): Jesus was born, tethered purposefully, to fix a world problem(sin). He was the solution to the problem.

Here are my questions to you(and me for that matter).

What problem(in the workplace and/or world) are you tethered to purposefully in order to fix? What need(in the workplace and/or world) are you purposing to fill? Is it ending poverty, creating responsible management viewpoints, helping young people have better perspectives etc.? Cause let’s face it, a sporting career doesn’t last the length of your life. At best, it ends in your mid-thirties, and for most athletes, it ends after college.

Or are you just existing…living in the solution of others? Have you become only a consumer of solutions and not a producer of them? Do you just aim for or only want…. the clothing that someone else made, the food that someone else prepared, the music that someone else created, the car that someone else built, the management style that someone else forged or the beauty products that someone else mixed? I am not saying that you have to create a new thing but I am highlighting your need to find a problem and fix it. Organizations have many problems and you are learning so that you can help sustain the solutions or propose a permanent one. And that can be anything from creating to presenting and every little thing in between.

Christ has given you the first boost by taking away the core problem that was hindering any true staying power solutions. His work is complete and final. And you are now tethered to the mind of God…what are you using God’s strength for?

Allow me to scale it back a second, and reach you where you are now. I think this theme of fixing problems can be seen in your athletic program.

The first question I asked: What does the sports culture want their athletes to give? I think it’s fair to say that the culture wants the athletes to give their focus and effort towards fixing (skill & social)team problems and putting out good games. The culture wants them to accept their roles so that the team can emerge and no one is sticking up their heads to be highlighted.

Even with the risk of sounding sacrilegious I must say this: When a coach  asks you to fill a role, can you say to your coach ‘not my will but yours be done’. I sometimes wonder if that’s the conceptual epitome of a Christian Athlete.

What are you tethered to?
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