There’s a prevailing thought circulating through our culture that says something like, “If you don’t have enough knowledge (learning) or have been in a field long enough(experience) that you shouldn’t be listened to for any real insight.”


True. At least how I see it.

Most of the time when I say leadership I am speaking about social leadership/life leadership. But there are other types of leaders(i.e. industry leaders). For example, a leader in the sports industry, in manufacturing, in business entrepreneurship etc.

They all (the industry leaders) have insights into their particular industry because they either have invested in learning or they have been in their field long enough to see the active nuances.

I believe that life leadership is the foundation of making you a successful industry leader. If someone focuses only on being an industry leader, they end up asking the question, “Is this all there is?!” As a student/athlete you have an opportunity to receive the information that can help you be an industry leader and if you have great coaches, you also are exposed to excellent foundational life leadership.

We know what makes a coach ready to give advice in their profession, but what makes them ready to give life advice.

Here’s an insight that I found. If we are honest, Jesus wouldn’t pass our maxim’s test and very well shouldn’t be listened to. For sure the people of his day felt the same. Their constant questions prove this. And please correct me if I characterize the essence of their questions inaccurately.

“Aren’t you only a carpenter? What gives you the authority to speak on spiritual matters?”

“Aren’t you only 30 years old? Why are you speaking to us as if you have learned all?”

“We know your parents, you had poor beginnings. Who are you to speak on anything?”

What made Jesus able to speak the way he did?

Truth.(as us believers would say)

Above all, when it comes to life leading, truth far surpasses how long you’ve been on earth or how much knowledge we’ve picked up. Is it any surprise that after Jesus mentioned that he understood that humanity’s aim is to be “industry leaders” in order to feed and clothe themselves, he also gave what he saw as the priorities of a person’s life and he said,

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matt. 6:33

Now I ask. Who is Jesus to be saying that to me or humanity for that matter? Why must I listen to a man who didn’t get all those things added to him? Moreover, why should I listen to a man who died in his prime?

(Note: This is not an answer-giving blog post, but it is a perspective giving one though…figure out how you would answer those questions in discussion or on your own)

If the foundation of excellent industry leadership is life leadership, and the primary foundation of life is the Righteousness of God(according to Jesus), then it is highly important then to understand the Righteousness of God.

Student-Athletes, I know that you want “success in life” and to be an industry leader…your college and coaches will help you become that, but we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you the truth of life when it comes to leadership.

A true leader first understands the Righteousness of God. And here’s a nugget. All personal life leadership begins with listening and questioning.

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