There are many characteristics that reveal if you’re a natural leader. I will only point out two in this post.

The only reason that I can think of that a person would give their left arm to become a leader is because they have a wrong perception of what being one is. If you are one naturally, God bless you, but if you are striving to be one, put your protective pads on and take your fingers out of your ear, cause you’re in for a trip.

Leadership is NOT telling people what you want them to do because you want them to do it. Leadership is NOT you figuring out how things could be easier for you and finding a person to fill that role (although being in a titled position in an organization may call for you to do that).

Leadership IS finding out what others need and supplying it (you led them further by your supply). A good example of this concept is seen with the role universities play in society. Universities are leaders of society. Leadership IS being able to listen and understand where people are and what they are feeling without your filtered judgment. A conceptual example of this is what you see with businesses that add changes to a product because the people suggested what would work best for them.

Being a leader, sorry to say, is equivalent to being a servant. It is a person that has the ability to help other people move forward through their lives.

But, there are different areas in life that leaders can help. As there are many areas so there are as many leaders. Areas like: food, clothing, athletics/fitness, entertainment, living areas, relationships, spirituality. Honestly, they all fall under the idea of “standard of living”.

Today’s culture though, I think we have the concept turned around. The people who are supposed to be leaders want the people they serve to serve them. Maybe because they have yet to clarify what exactly they are serving. They are probably more money-focused (that’s another blog post).

So if you’re still wanting to give that left arm to become a leader, know that it will cost you your right one too.

How do you know if you’re a natural leader? You are, without thinking, using both arms(listening and supplying) to first serve other people’s need.

For the rest of us who are working towards leadership, please know that when you graduate please consider yourself a leader in your field and go and serve society the best way you can.


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