A part of being a successful student-athlete in season is being able to sustain and improve upon great habits. There are many that could be listed that are useful but one for sure is fundamental to both your academics and athletics – time management (or better stated self-management).

Ask yourself this question, What did I learn or improve on last week?

What about the week before that? What are you now planning on learning or improving on this week?

If you can’t answer that question with precision, then just on an athletic viewpoint, how do you increase your confidence in your ability to face game day? Or on an academic view, how do you increase your confidence in your ability to face exam day?

Learning self-management now will help you to see that all areas of your life are being groomed.

How do you begin?

1) Find a Calendar(daily, weekly or yearly) that you will use
Nowadays your smart phones come with those already installed. If you are more of a hands on person, you can go to staples and buy yourself a daily planner. And if you like overarching technology, you can use tools like google calendar, evernote, or remember the milk .

2) Find how much hours you have
As a student-athlete you generally have more to accomplish daily than regular students. List the things that you have to do in your calendar space. Now, other than the things that you have to do, like classes, practices or possibly a work schedule, write down how much free hours you have left for the week?

3) Find out what you want to become
After you find out how much time you have left for the week, figure out what you want to get out of creating this habit. College is a four-year commitment, and I’m saying to chunk it weekly using time management is a great habit. What you do with your free time will let you know where you’re progressing towards. So what are you progressing towards? What do you want to accomplish with your time as a student-athlete? Given that, what do you want to improve on this week?

If relationships are most important and urgent to you, then your most of your free hours should be filled with that. If getting a great grade is important or being a better skilled athlete then….you understand.

What tips do you have for self-management? What other habits do you know are helpful for you as a student-athlete?
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  1. Sustaining the habit is key; Also recognizing your humanity and being willing to get back up when you fall. Self management isn’t easy; that’s how you know its worth it and will pay off.
    Great content.

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