The credos below are from Dave Kekich, a very successful man who found himself paralyzed from the chest down. If you want to know about him I suggest you google his name.

I just wanted to share some of his insights on life with you. He has complied 100 credos but here I will only list 12(Of course ones that I think you’ll enjoy).

1) If you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone. Strive to increase order and discipline in your life. Discipline usually means doing the opposite of what you feel like doing.

2) Real regrets only come from not doing our best. All else is out of your control. Do more than is expected of you. Life’s easy when you live it the hard way….and hard if you try to live it the easy way.

3) Success comes quickly to those whom develop great powers of intense sustained concentration. The first rule is to get involved by asking focused questions.

4) Competence starts with guaranteeing your work.

5) Rationalizations are generally convenient evasions of reality and are used as excuses for dishonest behavior, mistakes and/or laziness.

6) Keep an active mind, and continue to grow intellectually. You either grow or regress. Nothing stands still.

7) Lead by example

8) First impressions are lasting impressions. Put your best foot forward. People treat you like you teach them to treat you.

9) Take full responsibility for your actions or lack of action.

10) Nothing wins more often than superior preparation. Genius is usually preparation.

11) Patience is profitable. Achievement comes from the sum of consistent small efforts, repeated daily.

12) Anxiety is usually caused by lack of control, organization, preparation and action.

If the way you carry yourself can produce some of these understandings, you will have a great academic and athletic season, and set you up for mature walk through life.

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