We all have ideas of what right behaving is, and when we behave the wrong way we, at times, feel or even say to ourselves that God left us or at best is distant. So we jump on our mental treadmill and try to lessen the distance between ourselves and God. “Maybe…Hopefully, I can get back in contact/fellowship with God. But I got alot of cleaning-up to do.

If you are the folks whose lives act out this cycle of “he loves me, he loves me not”, it will take a long life of “messing up” to realize that you can’t even live up to your own standards much less God’s. You need a break…a mental break.

Interesting enough, Jesus gave you that break. He gave you your rest. As far as your behavior is concerned with relation to your connection to God, Jesus sealed your relationship with God through his personal sacrifice.

Get off of the high horse, come to the end of yourself and lay down to view the majesty of the story of the Love of God. Enter into the Rest prepared for you.

There are plenty of behaviors that I want to grow out of but I could never think that any of them pulls me out of relationship with God. This is a difficult mental place to get to. I guess this is why Hebrews 4:11 reveals that we should labor to enter into God’s rest.

But it is possible to get there. It begins with submerging yourself into the Word of God and the understandings of the message of the cross.

You don’t take for granted the grace and peace overflowing constantly within but it is definitely not flowing towards you because of something you’re doing or not doing. It does however, work in your life based on what you are believing or not believing.

Take some time to remember the story of the cross in the context of the entire work(the Bible). Hear and see the scriptures come alive. Anyway, that’s how I view my faith.

And as I view the glory of God in the scriptures, I am being “….transformed into the same image from glory to glory,…”(2 Corinthians 3:18). God works out in me to do what is “right” and pushes out wrong understandings and desires with patience, guidance and comfort. But in order for God to be able to do this…I must REST.

I’m not telling you to find time to rest…I’m saying, REST. Period.

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