Simply put…resilience!

Mastering (not just understanding) the process of goal setting will always reveal the things you must do. Knowing your own motivations and mastering how to boost your energy when you are falling off path pushes you forward. Having a clear image of where you want to get to lets you compare exactly what needs to be done and gives you great daydreams!

Mastering when and how to create routines are like the scaffolding that helps with the formation of the new habits you need. Mastering what you say to yourself will give you the final push toward action when you aren’t getting your motivation where it can draw energy for doing a task. You do it because you said so!

It prepares you to always make it through hard obstacles!

Hard obstacles like hindering emotions, extreme external pressure, lapses in concentration, poor performances, perfectionism or plain out laziness!

I’ve met athletes that don’t want to learn or be trained mentally and yet they lack mastery of most of the things I mentioned above. Maybe if they do learn them they lose their excuses. Maybe if they master them then the extra pressure of really performing well is sitting on their conscience. I don’t know what the perceptions are that athletes hold when it comes to their aversion to mental training.

But I know one thing though…hard work always wins over talent! And if any athletes are mentally weak (lacks mastery of particular tools), they CAN NOT work hard! They don’t know how to! Yet these athletes speak of winning!


Here is something my mentor told me,

“Warriors peer piercingly through arrogance and clings to confidence. Arrogance is the illusion of glory without work…confidence is trust in your preparation, knowing that if you commit to your preparation, the glory is already yours!”

What does mental training prepare you for? Anything you want to do…including mental training!

What have you learned about mental training/sport psychology?
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