This season, as I work as a sport psychology consultant, I am also for the first time teaching “Psychology of Sport” as a college course. I feel like I can explain things well, but teaching for a full 3 months, a course that should, piece by piece, turn into a complete work by the end of the course is tough work.

*Shout out to all teachers!

But even thinking as I do about teaching a course, made me realize the similarities with leadership.

While teaching class, the students are being taught how to view the subject like I do. However, if I teach correctly I would reveal the power of critical thinking so that they can add to or correct the perspective. This can help all involved to grow in a deeper understanding of the subject.

A head coach wants all to be able to see the vision but a great head coach is humble enough to know that once that vision is known that there could be nuances within their vision that can be tweaked for better clarity.

What am I trying to get to?

As a student-athlete you may think that you have a better way of doing things than your coach does…and honestly, you may be right! Shocked!?

But here’s the thing. You have to first do and see everything that the coach asks you to do and see, to even have any chance of the coach taking a second look at your ideas. In other words, you first buy-in to the program fully. Then second, share your ideas.

That is how it works in the classroom and its how it works in life. And it will show 3 things to the teacher/leader that you possess:

1) Humbleness
2) Commitment
3) Intellectual Instinct

I know. Cause I speak with coaches daily.



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