There’s a well known story in the Bible that recounts Jesus sending his disciples across the Sea of Galilee and while they were on their way, a storm arose with violent winds blowing. In the midst of the storm Jesus came walking on the water, entered the ship and immediately the storm was calmed.

When I look at any sport season that is beginning a new program, I think about the above story…especially when working with a Christian institution. I see it as a picture of how the season will go at some point and the importance of focusing on the right thing.

I like how this Rembrandt piece captures the story’s peak. I see the sea as our emotions, the wind as the words of others, and the ship and the disciples as our goals and thoughts.

As the season begins we have goals that we want to reach so we begin the journey. But with any new program, the words of others outside of the journey always create a strong reaction, and our thoughts sometimes get pummeled, old habits emerge and we begin to wonder if we will ever make it to where we set off to reach.

And we try everything we know to try and fight against the things that are pushing us further away from our destination.

There are always outside voices that are trying to hinder you by disturbing your emotions…your peace.

Then here comes Jesus…who, to me, represents the right words and thoughts that can smoothly walk on top and through all the high and low emotions. And as soon as we accept him in our ship, the outside words are calmed. Because there is a consistent word within that is more powerful than the words of others.

Words that proclaim that I can have life to the fullest! Words that say I can do all things! Words that come from a higher place in a higher journey…the journey of life.

Look around in your ship. Tell me, who’s in there with you?

Me…I have the King of all Kings. Storms do arise, but as soon as they arise, I remember who is in my ship and I rise above it. I will make it to the other side. I will reach my goals.

How are you dealing with the ups and downs of your season?
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