All motivational speakers and life coaches will agree that to find your motivation you must know your why! Why do you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish? Without your why, you don’t have anything to anchor your focus when you don’t feel like continuing doing what your action-process asks for.

So what do you do????

You find a friend to talk with. For others you begin to look for motivational speakers to listen to. You find conferences to attend. You seek out others that will help you find your motivation.

But even in that chase one thing eludes your thinking about motivation. We never realize that when we were going after our motivation we had to schedule time to get it!

So here’s the best thing you can do for your motivation. For constancy, it must be planned….daily! You must plan when you want to be motivated.

Today I will be motivated around 11am…why? Because I planned for it.

In all those messages you heard from speakers you should know now what and who motivates you. You only have to reproduce that environment daily. If it is pictures…get em. If it is certain people….get around em. If it is books….read em. If it is conversations…have em.

There are people who believe that if they are not motivated always that they don’t want to do the thing they set goals for. That is not the case. Motivation is like getting your body clean – it doesn’t last. You have to continuously get it over and over again. And just because you have to shower consistently doesn’t mean you just stop doing it when you get dirty again. You shower everyday or twice a day(I hope)! This is a long season!


When are you planning on getting motivated???
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