This post is a response to a great team retreat I just came back from. It was really great.  “Launch out in the deep.”

Love goes much deeper than pain. It reaches in as long as it has hands. It cares as long as the object of affection remains in mind. Struggle isn’t strong enough to hinder it. Oppression’s heavy weight can not stop its compulsion to try again, to hope again, to cover another.

When God reveals this part of Himself to us we experience the compulsory soothing of our soul, the sheltering of our emotions, the building of our true relationships, the giving of His strength, the gentle smile of a father/teacher/motivator. He helps you forget your past and gives you a new house to live in, a stronger perspective…a strong base with Jesus as the cornerstone.

Love always gives and cultivates the object of its affection. If you love sports you cultivate it, if you love yourself you cultivate you, and if you love others you cultivate them.

Sometimes through living we search for others to love us and we find that love (at least the kind that we give each other) leaves and hurts sometimes. We find that it is circumstantial.

This is why Jesus said to Seek Him first. His love is constant and compulsive towards all who see Him. He tends to us. If we can understand and accept His love first, then the hurts of being in relationship with others won’t shake your soul and leave it without a comforter, your true love…God.

It frees you to still cultivate the other things that you love.

So if you hear me constantly trying to “build you up” or speaking about life, don’t take it as me being serious….think of it as me cultivating the object of my affection!

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  1. I like. Love – the greatest of God’s attributes will continue to reach out,reach down, and cultivate anyone who is not afraid to reach up, reach in and reach out.

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