Within a sports program coach’s want their captains to be able to get their teammates into the real grind of preparing to compete at the highest level they can give. That’s why the program is there – to produce a high level of athletic play for their fans. Some great entertainment.

The complex part of leading this objective, especially on team sports, for a captain is that there are many different personalities, values, reasons for playing, schedules, viewpoints etc., and all the players are bound together by being on the same team.

Being the leader and getting every player to want to give their all at a high level of preparation takes more than just telling them, “You Gotta Get In the Gym and Fitness Center!”

Anyone of the athletes on the team can say that but the captain, ideally,  should be able to say that and inspire them so much that it need not be spoken again. Of course, we know that circumstances come up in life that can lower a teammates motivation, so a captain has to be able to speak into the lives of their teammates and pull them forward.

How does that happen???

Curious Communication!

Us humans are already complex, but if you are playing in a diverse team where others are from a different state or country, different cultures, different familial upbringing, and there are different likes…like food, clothes, music etc., then this proves to be a great ground for a captain to be curious about.

You can ask questions like: What was it like growing up in a one(or two) parent home? What was your high school like? How or why did you choose the sport you play? Questions along those lines. And yes, share about yourself too.

As a captain, begin digging! Find out about your teammate. Have fun with it, because when it comes time for you to motivate them, you’ll know how to and they would be more apt to listen when you say, “Get In the Gym and Fitness Center….WE Bout to Make This Championship Run!!!”

Without trying to dig through this complexity I don’t believe any team will have the synergy to compete together! Connecting with others is complex and perhaps tedious but when a coach has chosen you to be a captain he believes that you have what it takes to do it.

How much time have you put in  being curious about your teammates?
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