A well.

A well that springs water.

A well that springs water so that all who remains close by will always be sustained.

Gardens, fruit trees, cooking, building, refreshing, relaxing, etc. Water does all good for a person who has it. It is the essential element for existence. And it is a blessing if you can find a wellspring that consistently produces good water.

The Proverbs in the Bible says that The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life. And it continues with the metaphor and says that that mouth brings forth wisdom like a wellspring revealing that the words of that person’s mouth are as deep waters.

That’s good for anyone around such a person. But the Proverbs through the insightful metaphor highlights that Understanding brings the same wellspring of life for that person who is righteous.

Is there any wonder why Jesus, when he met the woman who came to a well to draw some water in John 4, asked her to give him something to drink then contrasted his “living water” to the actual water in the well?

He was the righteous person who understood that he was that person. And what wisdom flowed out of him towards this lady???

The understanding that God can only be worshiped in spirit and in truth. And that he was the person who came to reveal all things.

Another connecting thing that Jesus revealed in his lifetime was that belief in him will cause “rivers of living water” to flow out of a person too. And scriptures reveal that that water is the Spirit.

You see, it is this “water” that consistently speaks grace into the lives of the people around us. It is those wise, encouraging and forgiving words toward others that has spiritual power because it is based on the message of the cross. So your understanding of the message of the cross empowers your words to be able to comfort the people in your life.

And your understanding of it brings that same comfort to you. My question for all who read this is…”Do you want that refreshing, relaxing rest?”

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