1) Do you know how to motivate yourself? Do you know if you’re motivated to act by things or personal values?

2) Can you quickly recognize when you are physically over-activated or have too many thoughts racing in your mind? Do you know how to regulate it?

3) Do you know why you play your sport?

4) Have you ever consciously changed a habit? Do you remember what it took? Have you ever used those tips for changing a part of your performance in sport?

5) Are you able to shift/control your focus to the task at hand while playing? Or do you think that you can’t do anything about it….it comes and goes?

6) Do you have pre-performance routines that get you ready for play? How does it help you?

7) Are you aware of how you  perceive “how to improve your skill performance”? Do you do that consistently?

8) When with your team how deeply do you realize that what you say and do affects the synergy of the team? Do you have the vision and understanding to do what’s right for the team and not yourself? What have you tried to improve on this?

9) Do you believe that your practice time with the coach and team is the only practice you need to get better? Do you know how many hours it will take for you to automatically do what coach is teaching you?

10) Do you believe that you can improve your performance without the help of your teammates?

How you honestly answer these questions could(depending on your humility) reveal to you that you may need some help becoming a peak performer. If you find that needing help is the case then my suggestion is that you browse through the ARETE category in this blog, search out some helpful tips on other web pages found on the side of this blog page under Sites I View or if you want you can find me in Nyack, NY!

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