With Christmas quickly approaching (yes I skipped over Halloween and Thanksgiving), and economic situations still being tough for most, people are not asking any longer “What am I going to get someone for Christmas?” but “What can I afford to get?”

We ask the same for Halloween and Thanksgiving but we always make the decision to struggle through these special days just to be able to keep tradition alive for the siblings and perhaps adults in our lives – a reason to get together and have memories that will last, laughs that will absolutely disturb your belly that is filled with candy or turkey or both!

We point to these holidays as places that we will definitely remember. But we also know that for some of us, as we enjoy the times, we remember that it also came as a strain for us to participate. But well worth it!

Do you know the traditions that you hold dear? Whether in sports or in life?

Is there an element of sacrifice in them? Meaning, that you possibly have to endure some mental straining in order to keep the tradition going – it is worth the effort to keep it going.

How important is sacrifice in your traditions? We do many different things, especially in sport, that brings a sense of unity. But nothing brings people together like sacrifice – going through something together.

For this post, it’s going through “financial hardships” while celebrating holidays. College students have to endure this for four years!

But…there is a sacrifice that happened once. Done by one man for all time. And the reward that comes from it is an unbreakable connection with God. We don’t have to go through the sacrifice together but we point to it ourselves to remember.

Our tradition is to gather to remember it and we mentally strain through a culture that mocks that we do.

Are you willing to sacrifice how others view you to hold to your traditions? How important is your tradition to you?

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