Every weekend after my week has put many “ought to’s” in my head that I must, of course, add to the to-do list, I long for a peaceful walk around the pond by my apartment. I find myself even in the chill of winter, loving these quiet times.

Yesterday, while in one of my quiet times, I struck up a conversation with fellow pond-walker and we began speaking about being in ministry. Here are some of the ideas that came out of our talk.

Often, when people speak of going into ministry they speak about working for a church or volunteer work for some charitable organization. It’s all about service.

In Acts 13, Paul mentioned that King David served his generation…he fulfilled his purpose. But in David’s story he wasn’t a priest to the house of God neither was he fulfilling God’s purpose out of a sense of charity to humanity. He “worked” as a King. And in that ministry, he served his generation.

Well, from David’s story we can find some keys that shows us how we can also serve our generation.

1) Being productive where you are…even in unseen beginnings
David tended sheep. And while there he perfected using his slingshot. He didn’t learn it because the spirit of God led him to through a dream visitation…he mastered it because he was in charge of the sheep and he had to have a long distance weapon to scare away potential enemies to his job. You must learn whatever skill you need for your job now, when no one sees. Think about being productive for your present not your future.

2) Remember the skills you learned when looking at BIG problems
When Goliath came out to scare the Israelites, everyone was looking at the problem but David saw two things – an opportunity and defiance. David knew the narrative of his people and believed in the God that brought his people to that point in their journey. With the use of his slingshot, David defeated Goliath. When you know how things should work in your job and something is hindering it, and nobody wants to offer a solution, remember your skills and push forward with all courage.

3) Be patient with your growth and with your leaders’
Even when David was working in King Saul’s house and things on the outside looked good, in-house, he was working for a moody boss. And yet in all of the abuse, David never spoke bad about King Saul…he just continued doing his job. And even when he got “fired” he never spoke bad about King Saul. I know that working for a disrespectful boss is difficult but take a page out of David’s life and be humble and honor your boss by doing your job to the best of your ability.

These are the steps that David possibly unknowingly (at the time) took to be able to serve his generation. What step are you on? Are you ready to take the next step?

Everything that you have done in small places has worked your muscles to be able to do in the BIG arenas in life. Serve your generation.

What are you doing to serve your generation?
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