On Wednesday the 17th, I did not write a blog-post. I was talking to myself all day about it on Wednesday, trying to figure out when I would take the time to write one. Then the decision came down from above(my brain to be exact)…”I am not writing one!”

Why would I say that when one of my goals was to be able to complete all my posts for 1000miles. For two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to write a quick, unthoughtful, thrown together post, and 2) I am noticing that my days are beginning to get filled with appointments…so something has to change.

I have to change the rhythm of the way I manage my time/self!

The truth is that I am losing time. Every time I have to record insights from speaking with athletes, think about the next conversation I will have with them and how I would like to highlight concepts for them to see, lesson planning for the course I am teaching and teaching that course, I am losing time to think about what I should write down in my posts or even how to move my consultant business forward.

A business-coach summarized it well: “The truth is that many people are too busy working in their business to take the time to really plan their business.” I am becoming aware of this reality.

So my post wasn’t written, what do I do. Simple. I guard my time. I probably have to begin posting my posts a little later in the day(like today) and since I am losing time doing what I am asked to do for sport psychology consulting, I must guard the rest of my time.

If you as a captain or informal leader of your team fail to accomplish what you wanted to do with your team or yourself, that doesn’t mean that your attempt is over. It means that you have to reflect on how you are doing things now and possibly change directions a bit. You will get the results you want but the approach will look different.

Don’t get locked into “a way of doing things”. Find the method that works best.

Remember, You Fail to Be Aware.

How are you doing with accomplishing you goals so far this season?
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