This weekend was good for me. I had a long talk with someone that I consider to be a mentor. If you follow my blog you know that I share almost everything that my mentors share with me, so this post will carry on tradition(slavishly).

I was sharing with my mentor about feeling stretched thin, and he responded like this:

“Have you ever attended a conference or motivational speaker’s talk? Any place where there was someone in the front of an audience? (I nodded) Was there ever a time when someone walked into your row or the row ahead of you? Or there was some noise that made you look around to find out where it was coming from? (smiling I nodded because it just happened while he was talking with me)

Here’s a principle I want you to know – Your attention controls both your strength and your power.{huh?} You may have the strength to understand, but because you allowed your attention to be shifted you miss something that the speaker said. Why did you miss it? Because you can’t use your strength or power on something you haven’t paid attention to!

The only reason you feel like you are stretched thin is because you refuse give full attention to what you are doing at the moment so your attention is being stretched – its divided. And that feeling more often than not comes from lack of self-management and time blocking.

He said much more but I thought that portion was good to share for my blog. But what does that have to do with the best way to find your purpose? And why is it in the faith category? As our conversation got more in-depth we came up with an understanding.

Generally speaking, we are searching to find our purpose. Our why for living. So we speak of our dreams and what that could afford us. When it comes to God we feel that we can’t only pay attention to Him because we have other things to care about or watch over. And if we pay attention to only God, we can’t appropriately use our strength for any plans we may have.

What if we shift our attention from worrying about what we will drink, eat or be clothed with? What if we shift our attention from carrying around the cares of living? What if we purposed to shift our attention to God and use our strength and power to get to know Him? (Matt. 6:25-33)

What if we lay our power and strength at the feet of Christ and say we are using our awareness to know you more? What if we trust, that as we turn to face God he faces us and our life and uses His strength and power to show us how to view and walk through life abundantly? (John 10:10-18)

What would that be like? It would be like nothing else. It would be PURPOSE.

Do you know where your attention is at?
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