As a sport psychology consultant, I get to hear the many goals that athletes come up with for themselves. I find myself getting perplexed by their approaches to what, by their own admission, is what they love most.

If I or even if they were the object of this type of affection they would have to come to the conclusion that the sender of this affection wasn’t affectionate at all. (That’s if we are honest).

When you love or want something don’t you make steps to grow closer to the thing? And if you really want it…daily?

It’s not about setting goals, because you already “know what you want”(supposedly). It’s either about your lack of honesty about what you want or you not understanding how to motivate yourself daily with what you “want most”.

If you are easily distracted from taking steps towards what you want, then what you want may not be what you want or your bad habits are getting in the way. If it is your habits then you have a decision to make.

You didn’t sign up to fight your habits…you just want to go towards your goal, right??? Your goal sound so great when you talk about it! But when you have to practicably apply yourself to go forward, you will always bump into your ill-ordered habits.

And the first bad habit, for the type of athlete I am writing about, usually is procrastination.

You can’t remain in an instant gratification mindset if you are moving toward your goals. you have to be willing to set on piece down at a time knowing that those pieces are getting you closer.

If you liked someone, one conversation does not make you know that person intimately. It’s the small conversations here and there that gets you closer to a more intimate relationship.

What have you said that you want most? What are you doing about it?
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  1. I was discussing this topic with my mentor this week (for the record, the particular goals we were discussing were not athletic…but the discussion was in the same vein), and one of the things she shared with me was this definition of procrastination: “Procrastination is internalized resistance.” So for me, the question when I find myself procrastinating on anything is, “Why am I resisting?”
    It’s been tempting for me to think of steps toward the goal as major things- games played and won, but I am finding its more about the small steps along the way. The moments of faithfulness along the way.
    Thanks for your insight and reminders.

    • “Procrastination is internalized resistance.” I love that! Why am I resisting the goal that I have set for myself?! That’s good too. We absolutely have to be faithful to the process whether it’s for sport or life.

      Most times I write these posts just to remind myself too=) It’s easy to forget huh?

      Thanks for your comment!

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