Just for a scalable understanding, supposed you have to complete a job that needs your skill level to be at 13 but you know that at your best your skill is at a 6, how do you bridge that gap? The job demands at least 7 more notches from you. What do you do?

Within our culture we have this overarching ideal of always pursuing excellence – progressive productivity. As a Christian in today’s society we sometimes fall into the cycle of this ideal which takes up alot of our time in order to reach closer to its shores. We use our attention to make sure we are going to be in a great place to add value wherever we make our living, so we reach for excellence.

In a previous post I used this phrase: “Your attention controls your strength and power”, and I highlighted the fact that we should use our attention to focus on God and let his strength and power show us how to view and walk through life.

That revelation is seen much clearer in the story of Jesus calling Peter out to walk on the water. You can read about the account in Matthew 14:23-31.

Your eyes are the windows for your soul and what you decide to constantly view, in order to tend to, is absolutely up to you. You can view your career….your relationships….yourself….your hobbies, etc. But know that with every thing you view there is a demand made on your strength to fulfill.

Peter found out in his experience that as long as he viewed Jesus, he walked on the water but as he viewed the raging water he began to sink. The realization then is that the water demanded of his strength, the ability to walk on water, and he couldn’t, so he began to sink. But while he kept his eyes on Jesus, Jesus didn’t demand anything of him but instead gave Peter of His(Jesus’) own strength.

Here’s the truth I want you to be able to see. Every place that you place your attention will demand something from you. Jesus doesn’t. He always supplies.

So if you need the skill to do something, keep your attention on Jesus and he will supply you with what you need completing the “impossible” leap from 6 to 13.

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” -Mark 9:23

What do you need to be better at?
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