For today’s post I wanted to just share a video, but finding one that I thought would be beneficial to captains was a bit more challenging than I believed. In the end, I succeeded to find two videos that I want to share both about 5mins in length.

One is a talk from a Olympic athlete and the other from a business guy on motivation. Check them out and tell me what you think.

The reason I shared these are because I know that learning from mistakes isn’t a natural response for athletes…you tend to want to forget any loss and start with a blank slate. I believe that learning from your mistakes is what gives you real experience that in turn gives you a sense of mental toughness. As a captain you have to make sure your team learns sometimes by you pointing it out.

I also believe that as a captain you have to learn how to communicate well. And one of the best ways is to understand your teammates motivation. The second video gives you a framework where you can figure that out.

What things do you think that you need to know to be a better captain?
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