Hurricane Sandy has devastated the east coast. As we are trying to put our lives, social structures and homes back together, there is one message I hear our pastors saying or rather emphasizing, and it’s: HAVE FAITH!

In simplicity, Faith is the action of someone moving towards their hope.

The Bible tells many stories of the Children of Israel that can be an encouraging word for us. I’ll list three.

Their hope was to live in the Promise Land. Ours is just “our normal civilization”…such as it is.

1) Joshua and Jericho
Often it happens that the first step of faith is the biggest obstacle there is. But if what you are going after is ordained by God, then really there is no obstacle that can stop your progress. In the aftermath of Sandy, our first steps towards recovery is the toughest. Having to deal with the initial debris but we will prevail.

2) Gideon and his 300
After the Children of Israel captured the land, they were pestered by some warring neighbors. And God chose Gideon to fight against them and he won. As we get back to how things were, let’s extend our hopes together and try and remain as united as we became in the tragedy. Don’t let other things deter us from staying united, let us fight even if we are outnumbered in the ideal. Let’s keep hope alive!(courtesy of Jesse Jackson)

3) David and Goliath
This is a great story for the underdog and for the movement of faith. Faith says that if you are the person in the way of my hope then you have to go! In this year’s election process depending on your leaning, either candidate to you can represent what needs to go in order for our hope to be seen together. Show your faith by voting for who you believe the person is that can keep us together moving towards our hope.

God has Blessed America!


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