He was an lil country boy, no more than 11 years old. It was his first time visiting the city. He had on some blue overalls with his pant legs cuffed up sitting right above his ragged dark brown boots that looked like he scraped them through gravel 24 hours a day. He had on a plain ol’ red t-shirt. Nothing really looked special about the kid except the twinkle in his eye as he pressed his face against the store’s glass window with his hands around outside of his face so the sun didn’t hinder what he was already dreaming of.

His breath frosted up the window as he stared at the Spider Man comic on display.

Just then an adult(a city man) walks up to him and asked, “What ya looking at there boy?”

“This here comic book right there!” only using one hand to point without losing gaze.

The man put his briefcase down and turned to face the window and mimicked the boy by placing his head up against the window and his hands around the outside of his face, breathing heavily causing the window to frost.

“Why don’t you go get it if you desire it this much?!” he said, leaving his hands on the window but turning his head to the boy.

The boy took his hands from the window like a kid whose mom came outside to call him in to wash dishes…away from the fun he was having. He turned his body to face the man but his head was down looking left and right at his pockets.

I can’t! I have a problem here! I aint got no money! It costs $3.25!” pulling his pockets inside out.

A small rock, crumpled piece of paper, three pennies, and two marbles fell from his pockets as he turned them into rabbit ears.

The man turned his body to the kid and knelt down to help pick up the objects.

Can I tell you a secret?

The boy nodded.

Having no money isn’t your problem.”

Then what is???” smugly responding.

Your problem is in knowing how to get the money!…You have to figure out some ways, legal and honest ways, to the get money!” The man continued, “Can you think up of some ways that you can get the money and try them out? 

The man paused, perching his pointer finger across his lips and his thumb resting on his cheek bone, resembling a man deep in thought.

“I have to go now but if you make it like an adventure it will be more fun.”

The boy racked his 11 years of experience for ways to get money and thought the only thing he could do was ask or find. He ran down the streets and avenues looking on the ground and asking strangers for some spare change. After about 2 hours of work he got the money for the comic and he ran back to the store to get it.

As he rushed into the store he was overwhelmed by the different displays of comic books around but he already knew which one he wanted.

“I came…to buy the comic….in that there..window!” he proudly proclaimed out of breath.

The lady behind the counter motioned for him to come to her. As he was walking towards her he saw her placing a comic in a brown paper bag. When he got close she handed it to him, with a note.

“I was told that if you ever came into the store with anything more than 3 cents that I should give you this,” she said.

“From who?”

“The guy you were speaking with outside the store.”

He unfolded the note. It said:

ALWAYS REMEMBER: In everything in life. If you can see what you want, paying attention to what you don’t have is useless. Always find out what you need and figure out how to get it and use it. Most often the person who goes on the journey for what they need to have for what they want most usually bumps into hard work but also, favorable times.

The kid gave an agreeable “hmph,” and opened the bag to see two Spider Man comics. “TWO COMICS!!!” Overjoyed he couldn’t help it. He howled in the store, thanked the lady and asked that she pass on his thanks to the man and he skipped down the street back to his country living, his pockets jingling as he went.



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