I have understood many things in my life and of those things that I have understood I probably use or put into practice 50% of the concepts. The other 50% got replaced with good TV shows (i.e. 24….”Tell me where the nuclear device is NOW!”). What I am realizing more now is that in learning, understanding is not the end result…mastery is. At least with the concepts that actually mean something.

Coaches or your professors can teach you some concept but until you put that understanding into practice, it gives you no benefit…other than maybe becoming a great conversationalist.

Understanding is not mastery. What it gives though, is permanent mental template that gives you the ability to know when you are on the wrong path in the thing you understand.

As a captain, you must understand this. Why?

Because you are the person who assists the coach with other players understanding of the program and its culture, and you are the person who assists with helping get your team on the path of mastering the program you just helped them understand.

It’s easier to get people to feel passionate towards what they want; it’s more tough to get them to want what they would need in order to get there.

Part of being a leader is helping others understand what that need is and motivating them to master the needs. Most times the needs aren’t desirable because it looks and is just plain old hard work, focus, perseverance all the way through to the real desire.

Most of the athletes I speak with want to be great at their sport. And I honestly believe that they do. But they just don’t want to do what they need to in order to be great. Mastery isn’t concept learning it is action acquisition.

If you understand what I am saying in this post….what are you doing about it in your life? What are you mastering?

What in life, sport, and college do you understand?
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