Doesn’t it seem that having faith asks from you, not only some of your mental real estate, but also the rest of it?

Faith asks for all.

Your spirit, soul and body.

Don’t you feel that sometimes, within the relationship that faith has provided, that God seems to not answer your cries for help? I mean why do we have this relationship when the most powerful being (God) “allows” us to go through prolonged time of difficult circumstances when we “know” God can easily help us out or get us out?

And while you’re struggling through the one thing, another struggle is piled on top of the initial problem. If you don’t know how to get out, isn’t time to find another “relationship” where the person can help you escape? (Isn’t that what relationships are about??)

Makes sense. It’s logical.

We sometimes stay with the relationship we know because it’s already part of the habit we already are used to. But when will God come and aid us or give us the understanding to be able to get through the obstacles in which we find ourselves.

Lately I’ve been speaking with people(in their 20’s, 30’s and 50’s) who have these waiting issues. Issues like waiting for: relief from heavy caring responsibilities that eat up every single day with no plans left for self, help in pastoral ministry, healing from a disease, another job, another dream…

One question that I ask myself during my times of waiting is: Is what and who I believe in true/truth? (I am at core a logical guy so this works peace for me!) If the answer is yes, then I believe we can make it through…together!

What questions or statements do you use when you are in waiting?
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