If there’s one thing geese don’t have a problem understanding is that when the lakes, rivers or ponds begin to freeze over and their food begins to be scarce, they know what direction to fly – south, to warmer climates!

Although this may be an inexact parallel because of the vast complexities in athletes versus geese and the extreme differences in the intensity of action between improving and survival, I still believe the theme can teach us some things about team leadership. Hopefully simply done of course.

If all your skill as a team is used and it has brought you nothing but the coldness of losing, then what is your team’s next move? It could be that other teams are just that much better than you. But if you know that to NOT be the case then really, what is your next move?

For the geese they get to move to a different climate. I know that there are some athletes who have this mentality also. When things get tough where they are, they simply move to another school. And if they are not fortunate enough to get their wish, they just move to a different mental space and become a cancer to the team – in most instances, to me, this is a loser(and not just in game but also the loser attitude in practice and potentially life).

But like I said, there is no complete comparison between animals and human beings nor between environmental climates and team climates.

However, We humans have the great capacity to change our own team climates, through first getting a clear understanding of which direction we want to go and building better working and social relationships amongst the team. Here’s a short list of what I believe is the difference between losers and winners. Losers revealing the barriers to winning and winners revealing why they win!

Team Losers:
1) begin to blame others and not find the responsibility that falls on their own shoulders!

2) refuse to change the way they see things although everything they’re “doing right” has still led them to where they nor the team wants them to be!

3) believe that their talent as it stands, is enough to help the team win a championship and refuses to consistently improve!

Team Winners:
1) understand the concept of team and takes on the responsibility to insist others do too!

2) help lead the team to a different team climate…one of consistent improvement, by first being the example!

3) are willing to be honest and receive honest feedback about their talents and places their confidence in their preparation not their ego stroking!

So wherever you are in your season…it has begun, so what’s next?

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