What is it about leadership within an organization that makes most people vie for its position. I highly doubt it’s the hard work it takes to lead a group of individuals. Maybe it is the prestige of placing it on a resume.

I’m finding that leading people can be mentally draining and emotionally challenging in getting a group of individuals to align their efforts towards the head coach’s way of doing things.

Because of this draining and challenging possibility, it is always good to find out the motivation of the people you are leading. This helps to be able to improve the aligning efforts and productivity. But sometimes people lose sight of the secret part(the engine) of motivation.

Photo courtesy of www.imageofsport.com

Photo courtesy of http://www.imageofsport.com

Motivation has three parts: Direction, Intensity and Effort! And trust me when you have it all your excuses die…all your procrastinations die….everything that tries to hinder your focus dies!

Just like the pic above in order to have motivation you have to possess a goal that you are piercingly looking at and that goal has to raise a level of intensity within you(You’re not going to go after something that you don’t want). But the engine of motivation is often overlooked by those who thinks that success is magic. They want it to just happen by the time they open their eyes.

The engine of motivation is EFFORT a.k.a ACTION!


And as a leader this is the only one of the three that you can’t help reveal. The other person has to be willing and courageous to take action. Many times I speak with athletes who say the right things and legitimately get juiced just thinking about their goal but they never take action. And your action is what the coach looks at anyway…and not just your words/dreams.

What you must know about the engine of motivation is that only you have the last ingredient for motivation – you must act. And not only act, but act according to the goal you are chasing.

Please do not live your life staying in the starting blocks! GET MOTIVATION! COMPLETE THE MOTIVATION MIXTURE! Add some heat and you will always rise to the occasion.

What is stopping you from being motivated? direction…intensity…or action
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