Sometimes it may seem that what you are trying to do is more difficult than what it looked like in your head when you imagined yourself. It’s going through the hard times that make your faith shine brightest. Because when everyone else is in the stands looking and betting on when you will give up, it’s the steel eye of resolve that tells them you won’t. Never.

All successes are accomplished with others either watching or helping. And all successes are always accomplished by doing.

Well, according to the Bible, the first thing that you should do when going after the things we want is to first seek the Kingdom of God.


One answer could be because the Kingdom of God is not regulated by the happenings in the world and if it is your foundation for life then you can be sustained with whatever you need for pushing through all issues whether they be relational, financial, goal’s obstacles, skill development etc.

There is never a dead end when it comes to God and with faith and patience you will always see the fruit of your belief.

What’s the fruit of seeking the Kingdom? The Bible responds and says that all the things that are a necessity will be added to your life.

What have you been hoping for lately? How often have you attempted to seek the Kingdom of God?


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