As a sport psychology consultant(I like to call myself a peak performance coach), I get to be around student/athletes and try to help them see things through different perspectives. These athletes all want to make a difference not only in their sport but eventually, when they graduate, in their life’s work as well.

I know some of you athletes read this blog and one perspective that I want you to catch is that of leadership.

I remember one athlete, a couple of years ago, wanted to be a leader and couldn’t understand why not one teammate listened when that athlete spoke. And sometimes they wanted the head coach to listen too. I explained that leadership isn’t you speaking and your coaches and teammates doing. It’s about doing what the coach and teammates need. Doesn’t seem too glamorous now does it?

All leaders are really followers. You will always find leaders where needs are being seen and met. So the first skill to being a leader is having the ability to see what others need…and that begins in house first. All leaders are led by others need.

So ask yourself, for those of you who want to be a leader, what do the people around you need right now? Where do you want to help them to get to? Are you willing to partner with them for the long-haul?

If no, then sit back and let someone else lead you! Plainly, let the coach lead and whoever else has the preparation and commitment to stay for the long-haul.


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