You are extremely blessed to be getting this tip. If you are reading this post right now, it reveals that you are one in many who, willing to risk for a learning opportunity, will bypass a title that is seemingly false. Good for you…and me.

But the title is NOT false and neither is the tip. The tip however, has 14 different parts that make it up…but I will only list 6. This is what you need to know if you don’t want to fail any more…Here goes:

1) Have patience
There is nothing worth while that doesn’t take time to create. So be content with the process and stop trying to make BIG leaps with what amounts to small steps.

2) Stay focused
There are possibly other people who have already made the thing that you want to make or made great progress in their relationships like you want to. Do not allow those things to distract you from what you have to do next. Pay attention to your process not others success.

3) Always protect
When you have made a decision about what you want to do or have, your primary role is to protect that vision. Anything that threatens the building of what you want by either speaking bad of it or planning to impede you, you stand up against it. (And I’m speaking of things from marriage to business).

4) Remain faithful
Remain persuaded that this is a good thing and be committed to this mindset.

5) Stand on hope
I’m not speaking of the action of hope but the character of the person who hopes. The optimistic person. What’s most important for the characterization is the thing that you are hoping for. Because this stance reveals what is your very essence and life.

6) Endure
In order to experience this part, you must be willing to extend yourself into courageousness. You must abide the suffering of the birthing process. It takes going through the pain of people not being able to see what you know is there. Endurance is the joy of pain.

So what is this tip that erases failing out of your life?


LOVE. Love never fails.

Whatever you don’t want to lose or fail at…Love It!

And for the record God Loves You!

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