Trying to lead is a burden. But the burden doesn’t need to be overly anxiety provoking if we can see it clearly for what it is.

To operate at the highest level of leadership you only need to master one thing. This one thing is the difference between being stuck in one stage of development and being able to carry more responsibility. And this one thing is the highest level of all your current talent and skill.

What is it??? It’s Learning. You have to learn how you learn in order to lead at your current and peak level.

Learning helps you understand what you have already seen and supports you with moving forward with what you already have. Learning is the lamp that is revealed when you step out into the darkness of the unknown.

When your learning has become quicker you make precise decisions and that burden that you thought was a burden becomes weightless.

Knowing how to learn is the best skill you can master. And within learning you must be willing to listen to feedback from others, and ask the right questions. What you hear, ask and respond to reveals your breadth of leadership.

What things should you be asking right now? Who should you be listening to in your circumstance? What new things have you learned?
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