Is it true that we are all schizophrenic? Do our persona’s fight each other for dominance?

I can’t help but think this way when my faith day asks for cleaning introspection. In one glance I view myself and the world, economically. You know, how much do I _____, where do I_______, what should I_______. You can fill in the blanks…it all about money, food, clothes, relationships(yes even this), places, positions and skills.

It’s like a fantasy player sports stat line, and all that matters is if I have better stats than someone else. And our “fans”(family members and friends) cheer us on from the sidelines…”more…more…more”. The very soul chant of the economic view.

Then in another glance I view myself and the world socially. I think about things like… was I lacking love in that interaction? And this is a stat line as well, but one of virtues like (love, peacefulness, kindness, helpful, fairness, empathy etc.).

This view is not about outward appearances it is only concerned about expressing the virtues.

We all have many responsibilities for our families and ourselves. Anyway, on my faith day I was wondering…Which one do I use my faith for the most? That is to say, Which one do I desire strongly to have in my life?

Which one do you believe for the most?
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