When circumstances get real weighty to carry around and you try to find some sort of relief and you don’t even have a tea leaf to read, you must press on. Why? Because you really want what winning this fight will give.

You have now stepped into playing the mental game!

Your opponent is stopping you from scoring with major blinding defense(i.e. procrastination, lack of energy, distractions etc). You can out maneuver your opponent through you sharp offense (i.e. planning and preparation, positive outlook, recording goal benchmarks etc).

The point is that succeeding is never out of your hands (or mind). You just have to figure out if you want what you say you want…then find out if you are willing to go and fight to get it!

I heard a speaker once talk about a marathon runner who said when speaking about running a long race, ‘Decide before you begin your journey what will make you quit…and if that thing hasn’t shown up yet, you should never have a bad attitude or not give your total effort.’

Has your quitting moment come? If not, then keep pushing forward with power!

Take the time to enjoy the journey. These are memories that are teachers.


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