What do trains, planes and automobiles have in common?

automobilesThis was one of a set of questions that was posed to me last night while speaking with a neighbor. Standing in the midnight air outside my apartment complex we heard a train roar by, then we saw the flashing lights from a plane soaring in the sky and almost at the same time we looked at the cars in our lot and that question came from that.

We came up with some things that I think could inspire. Check it out.

1) Even if they aren’t moving you can see they were meant to move in a direction.

2) They all need someone to sit inside to steer and drive.

3) Even if one type looks better than the other, all could be worthless unless used.

4) Where you want to go is the highest priority so taking care of the vehicle is important…so you can make the trip.

Here is the other question: What does trains, planes, automobiles and YOU have in common?

I’m sure you can use the same list and possibly add to it. So what’s the point? Nothing serious…only just to say:

1) Picture where you want to go

2) know how to get there and why you want it

3) DO something, Push Forward

4) take care of your health(body, soul, spirit).

Have you thought about where you are taking yourself? What are your daily decisions saying about where you are going?


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    • Thanks. Hopefully you have a BIG picture of what and where you want to be…and are writing them down. A pastor showed me that WE write our plans down and GOD directs our steps…He’ll get us there, we shouldn’t worry about resources (Proverbs 16: 1,9). Cool huh?! At least I thought so.

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